is a web-based application that allows you to find, watch and interact with videos from across the web. Working for the fine folks at Ollie Interactive, I created a logo and identity that reflects the idea of choice and selection. Additionally, the client is an Apple enthusiast and his main request was that the logo express the same feelings of friendliness and ease-of-use that come through in Apple's identity (easier said than done!). Starting out as a flower, the shapes evolved into television screens in different colors in a wheel reminiscent of a ViewMaster (remember them?) that turns as you make your selection.

Many times, I know a logo is right when I can imagine how it might be animated — not for the sake of animation, but to further express the client's story. Often, it doesn't turn out as I envisioned it, but I was delighted when Ollie's interactive magicians brought it to life. Simple, but highly effective! Check out at — you guessed it — If you're looking for top-notch interactive work by wonderful people, visit


n!ck said...

Great work Doug! The logo has a entertaining feel and the animation works well with it.

Studiostein said...

Well done. This new logo definitely communicates friendliness, approachability, and usability. It also hints at the golden age of television–-the late 70's/early 80's. Good times! I think its the typeface that has a vaguely retro feel. In this sense I can imagine an alternate animation where the flower reveals itself in a clockwork motion, each petal spinning out from the previous one until they form the flower. Which reminds me, if you haven't seen it yet you'll probably enjoy this video. It's an over-the-top take on this era of television motion graphics: