Mama Needs Shoes

My wife makes stylish purses, bracelets and other accessories that she sells on her Etsy shop (for those of you who don't know, Etsy is a site that allows artisans and craftspeople the ability to sell their work online). The ironic name (she doesn't need any more shoes, in my opinion!) fits her perfectly, with just the right blend of fun and attitude and she wanted a logo that would be both playful and elegant.

To best fit the Etsy format, we agreed that a type treatment would be the best way to solve the problem and I began a weeks-long search of every type website I knew of in hopes of finding the right typeface. After looking at literally hundreds of typefaces, we finally found a face we could agree on. To make it unique, I performed a little type surgery (a flourish here, a swash there) and the result was a trifecta: I'm happy, she's happy, and we're still married. Whew!


Studiostein said...

Well done. I'm definitely a fan of Susan's new identity. Great colors, sassy font, and I love the flourishes. Its very chic & contemporary with a boutique feel. Kudos.

Anne said...

How about a link to her Etsy shop?