Ollie Interactive

Formerly Gildea Media Group, they came to me needing not just a new logo, but a new name as well. Ollie was ultimately chosen to reflect their friendly, energetic personality and the logo was designed to emphasize technology and interaction. The circular motif also gives them something to build their identity on. One thing I always consider when naming a company is how it will sound when you say it when picking up the phone: "Hello, Ollie Interactive..." This logo and the stationery package that went with it won a Certificate of Merit from the Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington's 2007 Annual Show. It is shown here in two configurations, or "lock-ups," for different applications.

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Annette said...

This identity garners comments and kudos everywhere; just what a really compelling logo design should do. Doug's design was spot-on in capturing the smart philosophy of our business, and the fun approach and temperament of our team. We couldn't be happier with this identity. Doug, you were a dream to work with and we are happy to include you as an "honorary Ollie" at every turn.