Freddie Mac Logos

There's not a lot of need for logos at Freddie Mac, but when one does come up, I always jump at the chance ("like a hobo on a ham sandwich" my friend Eric Stewart would say). Here are the ones I've done during my three years there. Actually, we usually try to refer to them as "graphic identifiers" rather than logos so there's no confusion with Freddie's real logo.

The idea above was my favorite for the FreddieTV assignment: I was totally in love with the clever combination of the house with the TV antenna and was really bummed when it wasn't chosen. The reasoning — which I reluctantly agree with — is that the TV channel is for Freddie Mac employees and they know that FM's focus is on homes so any home imagery didn't need to be part of the logo. We got one comment about the symbol that was ultimately chosen, that TVs no longer have antennas. True, but antennas are the quickest way to make something look like a television. Take a look at the Tivo logo if you don't believe me.

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