Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington

There's quite a story behind this one! I have been involved with the Club for close to 15 years and was on my first term as president when we decided to create a new logo. Although I am vehemently against design contests (I'll explain in another post), we decided that it would make the most sense — and serve our members best — if we had a competition to design the new logo. The catch was that we would treat it as much like a real project as we could and only members who had attended a kick-off meeting could participate. The logo was chosen by member vote at a special event and the final decision was made by the Club's board withough knowing the identity of the designers. Mine was chosen and it caused a bit of a stir, but it was agreed that it was the best choice.

Deciding on one color that would represent such a diverse — and colorful — member base was a real challenge and ultimately, I chose a flexible palette of colors that would give us the most freedom while still creating a cohesive identity. There are six dark color logo bottoms and six lighter color logo tops that can be mixed and matched to suit the particular application.

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