Evergreen Systems

Evergreen is an IT company and when they came to us (I worked with another designer on this project), they had an identity that looked anything but tech. The old logo featured a series of triangles that made another, larger triangle. Nothing horrible, but somewhat clunky and, when combined with a deep green color and a plain, sans serif typeface, it all looked rather drab.

Our solution wasn't terribly radical, but was totally in keeping with Evergreen's philosophy of streamlining the IT process. By eliminating all but one triangle, pairing a new, brighter green with a more techy silver, and creating a unique logotype, we were able to breathe new life into their identity. Noticing that the triangle symbol could read as either a tree (an evergreen, of course) or an upward-pointing arrow, we added the tagline "IT that aims higher" to emphasize Evergreen's forward-thinking approach to IT.

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