Rescuing Reston, One Logo at a Time

I love living in Reston and jump at any chance to make a contribution through design. In this case, Reston National, the public one of Reston's two golf courses has been threatened with potential development. We just so happen to live across the street from the golf course and, like many Restonians, cherish the green space the course provides our community.

Catching wind of a grass-roots effort to stop the development of the course, I knew that a strong identity could help the fledgling group get noticed quickly. Offering my services pro-bono, I created a logo that references golf course flags, suggests the idea of green space, and uses a strong italic typeface to give it a sense of urgency. I extended the capital Rs to further emphasize the idea of forward movement and used a bright yellow border to attract attention.

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Above: some alternate logo ideas

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