A Banner Day

I opened my email the other morning and was pleased to find an acceptance letter from the AIGA DC chapter saying one of my banner submissions was accepted for the Urban Forest Project in Washington DC. The Urban Forest Project is a campaign that creates awareness of the importance of trees, the environment and sustainability using banners on street lights and signs in the downtowns of cities like New York City, Denver and San Francisco. After several months, the banners are recycled into bags and auctioned to benefit a local nonprofit. Over 400 banners were submitted for the DC UFP campaign and only 100 were accepted to hang this Spring in the nation's capital. I'll keep you posted with more details as I get them.

The illustration I used is from an old book of engravings. I find it particularly fitting that a wood engraving is being used after all these years to promote the importance of trees.

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Did they know the origin of the illustration when they considered the banner?