How it All Started: Logos to Go

For the longest time, I knew I wanted to be an architect, but a Commercial Art class I took in high school opened my eyes to the world of graphic design. I enjoyed it so much that a friend and I opened up a "business" designing logos. With a fondness for whimsical names, we named it Logos to Go and created this business card using press type and chart tape (a flexible tape used for creating information graphics back in the day).

We had it printed at one of those places that did thermographed (raised printing) cards dirt cheap, but only had a few colors available and only on certain days. The circles were filled in with markers to look like traffic lights to create a 4-color look. My mom — yes, my mom — came up with a tagline for us that we used on flyers: "Creative Genius for a Paltry Sum." I think we sold one logo — a stylized water buffalo for an importer of goods from Southeast Asia — for $50. Not a glamorous beginning, I know... : )

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